Jesse hates Christmas, so Amanda puts holiday movies into a context he can get. Matt is crushing on John Krasinski, and Dak is visiting the barber with LeBron and ranting on the NCAA. Jesse is sharing the good news of Dolly Parton. Rick and Morty still doesn’t land for Amanda and Dak, but Jesse and Matt are on the case, explaining what makes Adult Swim work. All this, and another round of recs as well.

Matt and Dak squeeze in a little video game chat before we get to the big streaming elephant in the room: Disney Plus. Can you guess the icons for each of us? Jesse isn’t sure he wants to borrow a password yet, so we walk through the offerings, and it gets weird. Dak is getting everything he wants in The Mandalorian. We wade into The Snyder Cut Controversy. Amanda convinced everyone to watch Terminator Dark Fate, but she went to see Harriet instead. Ooops!

Matt and Amanda have been dying to revisit Downton Abbey and the Crowleys, and the time has finally come! Daisy is Daisy, but Matt might be coming around on her. Amanda finds satisfaction in resolving some of the series’ toughest storylines. We sing the praises of Dame Maggie Smith, Queen of Everything for All Time, and roast Lord Grantham mercilessly. Pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy.

We’re still waxing poetic about Mrs. Maisel, and Matt is still defending Quentin. We weigh the value of James Cameron, Michael Bay, and the value of a 3D movie. Dak distances himself from a shady past. Amanda and Matt celebrate some great news from the MCU, but Dak decides he’s done. Dak predicts the biggest actor of 2035. The gang all digs into the Birds of Prey. Is it going to work? Let’s just say we have concerns. We have plans for Charlie Humnam’s career too. Call us.

We’re going to talk about the ups and downs of reboots, but first: Someone ring the cowbell, because we have 100% watch rate on Once Upon A Time . . . In Hollywood, But only a 85% satisfaction rate? That can't be right. We have a lot to go over with this one. Matt relishes both Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee. Amanda has a radical proposal for Tarantino that gets shot down immediately. Dak salutes the end of 1960s Hollywood ideals and the rise 1970s Hollywood. Jesse tries to bake a feminist cake. Dak is done with Brad Pitt Apologists. Passions are at an all-time high. Don’t worry, we hugged it out after we finished.

Chris Hemsworth makes an impression on Amanda and leads Dak to ponder decency standards. Matt explains Karate Kid from the other side. Jesse spends a lot of time deciding how he feels about Good Omens, and a lot more time explaining why Mrs. Maisel works. Hobbs and Shaw charms us all by ticking off the Buddy Comedy Checklist, and then we immediately forgot everything about it. The gang discusses the importance of good design in bathrooms, chicken parm, Air Jordans, and breaking the fourth wall before pondering, once again, the future of the MCU with some truly wild ideas.

Amanda’s ongoing Captain America feels open up a sore spot for Matt, and the whole gang weighs in on how grown adults should act in Disney World. Since we’re keeping score on recs now, the whole gang tries to pad their numbers. Dak’s recs lead us down an Instagram rabbit hole, and leave Amanda clutching her pearls, while Jesse’s leave her speechless. Stranger Things Season 3 gives us untold delight, and has us all speculating on where we go from here. We can’t agree on Hopper’s story but one thing is sure: he’s is the hero we need, and deserve.


Comparing the dulcet tones of the Bawlmer and Philly accents leads the gang into wishing for the days before the YouTube algorithm. Matt’s got an idea for a new segment, so we revisit some old recs and start keeping score. We spend far too long sorting out Skarsgards and Sarsgaards. Dak ticks off a whole new demographic. We’ve all seen Spider-Man: Far from Home, and our reactions run the gamut: Dak is both worried and excited for the future, but Amanda sees a lot to love.  Jesse doesn’t want to be the Comic Book Guy, but finds himself fact-checking anyway. Is this the Endgame hangover or an entry point to a whole new MCU? We wrap up by digging into Aziz Ansari’s comeback attempt. Can you have an apology tour without an apology?

The internet goes looking for someone to root for, and finds that Keanu has been here all along. Amanda and Dak refuse to talk about Dark Phoenix. Matt saw a movie! In the theater! And liked it! Jesse is not impressed by money; he’s here for the art. And the weird sex. Amanda loves on Sam Worthington, but loses the guys by bringing up the Scottish Play. Dak is working on The Office and wonders what it says about humanity in general. Good Omens is a good time. We weigh in on this year’s Best Picture noms five months later, and try to figure out why Eddie Murphy is doing anything at all.

Matt gets existential and Dak gives his own review of the BPS before we dive in on Toy Story 4. If you’re avoiding spoilers, pick us up at the 25 minute mark, where we try to figure out what Tom Hanks has been up to. We’re working on filling the Game of Thrones void, so Jesse is recommending weird movies Amanda talks the guys into checking out Mrs. Maisel, and Dak gets euphoric on Euphoria. Jesse reflects on kids today and the value a misspent youth. Matt gets hooked in by the aliens and Dak is worried we’re falling behind, so stay tuned for a conspiracy intervention on a future Very Special Episode.

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