The Burnt Popcorn Sessions

A podcast where 4 friends misremember movies, don't watch what they say they'll watch, love things others hate, and agree on everything 50% of the time.

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Wednesday Jul 01, 2020

As the guys continue to trudge through this pandemic, they finally get back together to discuss what everyone is watching. Jesse has only watched one Transformers movie and thinks Bumble Bee is the worst of the saga, Amanda further expounds on her beef with Tom Cruise, Matt found a show better than his baby Westworld, and Dak goes full on teenie bopper slumber party dishing about a recent episode of Insecure. Listen closely while social distancing.

Wednesday May 20, 2020

We’re quarantined and we’ve all been dealing with it differently. Matt feels personally attacked, Dak can only do one Jason Bateman vehicle at a time, Amanda is pretending she’s not obsessed with Chris Evans, and Jesse is rediscovering his love for Michael Jordan. We sort out streaming options, talk Rebels and Clone Wars, explain Westworld, and never actually get around to talking about the one movie we said we were going to.

Wednesday Apr 01, 2020

Amanda and Dak are practicing good social distancing, so they went remote for this episode. We're checking in with each other, and sharing our distractions and coping methods. For Amanda, it's all about familiar comforts while Dak goes a bit . . .  Darker.  

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