Matt gets existential and Dak gives his own review of the BPS before we dive in on Toy Story 4. If you’re avoiding spoilers, pick us up at the 25 minute mark, where we try to figure out what Tom Hanks has been up to. We’re working on filling the Game of Thrones void, so Jesse is recommending weird movies Amanda talks the guys into checking out Mrs. Maisel, and Dak gets euphoric on Euphoria. Jesse reflects on kids today and the value a misspent youth. Matt gets hooked in by the aliens and Dak is worried we’re falling behind, so stay tuned for a conspiracy intervention on a future Very Special Episode.

We’ve all been watching dark, murder-y television lately, if our recs are anything to go by. Amanda is digging serial killers, Dak is hot on assassins, and Matt is doing time for murder. Jesse has an addition to the Hack Watch List. Amanda and Matt find some common ground at Downton Abbey.  Dak gets critical on John Wick, and sings the praises of Booksmart. Amanda abuses the recommendation system to get in a few extra and dodges Jesse’s inappropriate asides while fighting Matt’s hot takes on lady friendship movies and Dak’s attempts to reign her in.

The gang reflects on eight seasons of prestige TV and the conclusion of Game of Thrones. Dak dips a toe in the shallow end, and Amanda and Matt are ready to dive in to the deep end, getting out all of their GoT reactions and feels. Amanda reflects on the history of elected monarchies, dream sequences, sacrifices, and lazy story-telling.  Matt explores the extra stabby-ness of the season, why he could have used even more, Euron Greyjoy’s lameness, and challenges Bran’s credentials. Dak celebrates the greatest gifts of GoT: Peter Dinklage and a legacy of great television.  Jesse is still looking for HBO. Could someone check on Gilly for him?

We’re going off teleprompter for 45, in a weird stream of consciousness rant of mispronounced names, disconnected thoughts, braggadocio and offensive comments. We bounce from a round of recommendations to a few of our latest indulgences. Dak has been revisiting his childhood with Cobra Kai, the guys plan a big birthday for Amanda, Matt goes whale hunting. Amanda wants to apologize to an entire audience, and owes an apology to Jesse and Iggy Pop. Jesse ranks Chris Hemsworths and Amanda ranks jawlines. We hit on bad dates, first concerts, sexual harassment, and what we’re looking forward to this summer. Many people are calling it our best episode yet. Fake News!

We're assembling the squad to work through all our Endgame reactions: what made us cheer and what will keep us up at night, what we loved and what just didn't work. Can Jesse unravel the timeline? Will Disney break Matt's heart again? Did any of Dak's theories pan out? Someone pass Amanda the tissues, we're in the endgame now. Here be spoilers.

The BPS gets political, finally taking a stand on . . . gerrymandering? Matt goes up Schitt’s Creek with his love for Catherine O’Hara. We weigh the pros and cons of bingeing the MCU for profit and fame, and how Iron Man 3 stands the test of time. But before we get to Endgame, we get to know the newest hero in the MCU family. Jesse renews his stake in the Skrulls, Dak doesn’t dig on a young Nick Fury, but Matt is feeling that 90s vibe.  The guys give Amanda free reign to get all of her Captain Marvel feels out and boy are there a lot feels. We get our Endgame anxieties out in the open. All of this, plus Jesse’s psychedelic folk guitar pick of the month.

We’re dishing on the latest flood of amazing trailers, and why we’re looking forward to a summer of great movies, and not. Amanda is hate-loving and love-hating on Quentin Tarantino, again. We lament the loss of Luke Perry. Matt wonders if Hellboy can satisfy while the rest of the gang gets excited for Shazam!. Jesse gets wrapped up in his Sandra Bullock and Winona Ryder daydreams, while Amanda’s waxing poetic on sandwiches. Matt plans on getting his yearly cry in with Toy Story. Dak finds his own doppelganger while watching Us, and wonders if he’s actually been a horror fan all along.

Amanda can’t come up with a recommendation, so Dak gives her an assignment.  Matt has a new approach to holiday decorating. The guys give Amanda the hard sell on Russian Doll, and try to decide if the binge model works. Amanda and Jesse take advantage of having two 410wned gamers on hand to get some free advice. We dig into the non-drama of Oscars So Boring. Jesse has had enough of fake biopics and enough of Queen. Amanda takes a shot at Tarantino, Vice takes shots at everyone, Dak takes a shot at all of Oscar noms, and Matt takes his shot at the whole darn thing.  Plus, it’s time for Dak to face the truth: he’s a horror fan.

We reflect a bit on our vices before jumping right back in on our favorite movies and television of 2018. How many superhero movies can we cram in? What does Jesse think is “a perfect movie?” Which movie gave Dak the big emotional release he needed?  Whose muscles jogged Amanda’s memory? Which superhero did Matt connect with?  And how in the world did a horror flick end up on Dak’s list? Find out all of that, plus who among us is the biggest movie cry baby of 2018?

2018 was a good year at the movies! (And we saw a lot of movies). We’re breaking down the highlights of our year at the movies, from the biggest surprises to our favorite flops. Matt gets reflective over documentaries, and Jesse is singing the praises of Buster Scruggs. Dak is deep in the Spider-verse, and Amanda is right, of course.  She’s a Ravenclaw. Things get a little fishy, but we’re pleasantly surprised by enough things to make it a great year. Plus, we fondly recall our favorite Austin Powers moment, and finish on a cliffhanger.

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